Spike Cohen is a successful business owner, Libertarian activist, and media figure. As the 2020 Libertarian Party candidate for Vice President, coming in third place in the 2020 election, Spike traveled across the nation by plane and bus and met tens of thousands of Americans to share the message of Liberty with them.

Spike started a web design company as a teenager in 1998. In 2017, he retired from web design to focus on Libertarian messaging, entertainment, and activism. This culminated with him becoming the co-owner of Muddied Waters Media, the co-host of The Muddied Waters of Freedom, and the host of My Fellow Americans.


Spike is a tireless advocate for freedom with a commitment to help grow the movement at the grassroots level, training Libertarian Party candidates and activists in positive and principled messaging to explain high concept libertarian ideas to everyday Americans, and working towards the Libertarian Party's goal of "a world set free in our lifetime."


Since the 2020 election, Spike has become a regular guest on cable news networks, nationally syndicated radio, international media outlets, and podcasts across the globe.






Friday, June 10th @ 5 - 8pm

Dinner w/ York County Libertarian Party (South Carolina)

742 North

Spike will hang out with members of the York County Libertarian Party as they plan out their trash walk event the following day, which everyone is encouraged to join in on and help out.

Saturday, June 11th @ 9am - Noon

Neighborhood Church group cleanup in Rock Hill, SC.

St. Mary's Catholic Church

Join Spike along with members of St. Mary's Catholic Church and the residents of Rock Hill as they do a local trash clean up event for a few hours Saturday morning in the community around the church. No politics, this is purely us getting involved for some community cleanup. 

Wednesday, July 13th - Sunday, July 17th

FreedomFest - Las Vegas, NV

The Mirage

Spike will be speaking: Hosted by Kennedy, other guests include Ben Stein, John Cleese, Justin Amash, and Steve Forbes.

Click Here to register

Friday, October 14th - Sunday, October 16th

LibertyCon w/ Students for Liberty

Spike will make his first appearance at the annual Students for Liberty convention in Miami this year, headlining the event with two other special guests TBA

Registration details to come

Tuesday, November 8th @ 5 - 8pm

Golden Liberty Gala 

Brevard Zoo’s Nyami River Lodge

Spike will spend the day with local libertarian candidates passing out literature and talking with voters near polling places, and then join the Bravard County LP for the annual Golden Liberty Gala in the evening. Tasha will be in attendance as well.

Tickets to be announced soon.